At Peirce, we have our own code of behavior. Children learn best in a setting that is safe, disciplined, and positive. We are proud that friendly, comfortable, and respectful are the main characteristics of our school. Our community is founded on core values which includes the following behaviors and principles:







Within the Student Rights and Responsibilities Handbook, there is a list of actions that result in suspensions. There are other possible consequences for breaking Peirce School rules. Classroom teachers explain the rules of the classroom and the school rules at the beginning of the school year. Teachers often have their own process for consequences. There are times when teachers will send students to the office for a time out. Some of the consequences might look like this:

  • Meeting with the other party involved in a dispute to settle differences with the principal as the mediator;
  • Writing an apology;
  • Losing a recess(es);
  • Rebuilding or repairing the community/building in some special way;
  • Meeting with parent(s), teacher, student and principal;
  • Being excluded from a special school activity or field trip; and
  • Being suspended at home or in school at the discretion of the principal.

Peirce fully supports the anti-bullying policy enforced by the Newton Public School System. To learn more about the policy and obtain other valuable resources around anti-bullying efforts including how to report an incident, please visit: