From the PTO – August 27th: Deadline for Switching Tonight

Dear Peirce families,

On Wednesday night, the School Committee voted to approve changes to the educational models available to students at the start of the school year. Here is a link to the presentation given at the School Committee meeting on Tuesday. The answers to Frequently Asked Questions are posted on this page. Recordings of the School Committee meetings can be found here: 

Today is the last day to change your mind (before the school year begins) about whether your child will begin the year in the hybrid model or the Distance Learning Academy. Transitions can be requested after the school year is underway, however the administration has told families to expect transition requests to take 3-4 weeks to implement.

Here are the new details of the elementary hybrid model:

  • Sept. 16th - First day of school.  It is anticipated that there will be welcome meetings for students occurring September 16-18.
  • Sept. 21st - K-2 starts in-person hybrid model (two half-days at school and the remainder of the week at home learning virtually). Grades 3-5 remain at home in distance learning.
  • Sept. 28th - Grades 3-5 join the in-person hybrid model (two half-days at school and the remainder of the week at home learning virtually).
  • November - Elementary begins full school days (about 8:20am-3pm) on your child's two in-person days in hybrid model. 

You will not be able to change your model selection (hybrid or distance) for the beginning of your child's school year after midnight, tonight. Please email the Newton Public Schools at if you wish to change your selection.  Make sure to include your child's full name, your child's school, your child's grade, and which model you would like to switch to (hybrid or Distance Learning Academy).

We are aware that this is a very difficult decision.  According to the data shared by the administration of the Newton Public Schools at the School Committee meeting on August 25, of those Peirce families choosing to stay in the NPS system,  approximately 1/4 chose DLA and 3/4 chose hybrid.  Some people's decisions may have changed since then, but no matter which choice you make (or have made), rest assured that you are not alone in selecting that model.  Regardless of which model each of our students chooses for learning, we are one school community, and the Peirce PTO is committed to helping all of our Peirce families, staff, and students to connect - and we know that it is needed more this year than ever before.

Please reach out to us at at any time - to ask questions, to find out how to connect, to make suggestions, to volunteer, or to share your concerns.

Be well,
Kathryn Thorndike, Karen Ghiron & Elsa Janairo
Peirce PTO Tri-Presidents