Mystery Dinner is Coming…. Help Support It!

There’s nothing scary about hosting a Mystery Dinner! 

We’ve had a tremendously enthusiastic response to this year’s Mystery Dinner – thank you to all who have purchased tickets and helped fund the CAS program at Peirce! 

The Mystery Dinner Committee is seeking dinner hosts for the night to help accommodate our growing attendance numbers. The dinner does NOT have to be a formal, or even seated, affair! The hosts can decide what kind of setup and meal works best in their space. For some, that may be a takeout sushi and sake dinner at their kitchen table. For others, a standing event with BBQ, beers and college football in the background works great in their family room. Some hosts choose to make the meal themselves, others order food in, and others do a mix of both. Hosts are welcome to team up with another family to be co-hosts as well! This will help spread out the workload and make for a fun collaboration. The best part? The dinners conclude at 9:30PM and all guests, dinner hosts included, will head to the dessert house for more festivities!

If you are able to host 8-16 guests in your home, or if you have additional questions, please contact the Mystery Dinner Committee: Abby Blake, Maura Mitchell, or Kara Maloney, or reply to this email.

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