Click here for a pdf version of the 2017-2018 Peirce School Handbook.
This handbook contains information for the current school year.



Dear Families, Welcome to Peirce School! We are a dynamic community of learners working together to help all of our students grow as creative and compassionate citizens, effective communicators, and critical thinkers. Our Core Values of “Patience, Equality, Inclusion, Responsibility, Cooperation, and Effort” remind us that our educational goal is not just the attainment of knowledge, skills, and concepts, but also the development of wisdom about how we can make the world a healthier and happier place for everyone. Children at Peirce School (approximately 305 students in Grades K-5) enjoy a rigorous curriculum in the context of a nurturing school environment that builds on their strengths, supports them in areas of challenge, and emphasizes the joy of lifelong learning. In addition to Language Arts, Math, Social Studies, and Science, our curriculum also includes high-quality experiences with Music (General, Choral, and Instrumental), Health and Physical Education, Visual Art, Library/Research Skills, and Technology Integration. We also join the other Newton schools in providing a rich social curriculum through such resources as Open Circle, Responsive Classroom, Steps to Respect, and the locally-based, widely-acclaimed Understanding Our Differences program. We invite you to use this handbook as a quick reference for important information regarding life in our school, and we wish all of you a wonderful experience at Peirce School! Sincerely, Mark Chitty Principal


Dear Fellow Parents: A warm welcome to the school year to families both old and new! Back-to-school season brings an air of excitement as students, parents and faculty simultaneously embrace new challenges and settle into the familiar patterns which make us all feel at home in our school community. 2 This handbook is intended to ease the transition for new Peirce families and clarify a range of issues for those who are returning. We hope you will keep it as a reference throughout the school year. The PTO has become an essential organization in these times of decreasing budgets and increasing educational needs. The goal of the PTO is to offer support and services to the school community. By providing parent volunteers to enrich the academic, cultural and social programs at school we work as a team to provide our children with the quality of education which is important to us all. Each fall we look forward to the fresh and creative energy that new parents bring to the school and urge you to become an involved and active member helping to make this an exciting and dynamic year. The Peirce PTO