Class assignments will be available in Aspen the last week of August.

The Peirce team’s goal is to create student groups that are well-balanced teams in which students will achieve optimal academic and social growth.  They strive to construct learning teams that are heterogeneous with regard to gender, areas of strength, areas for growth, current performance levels, and diversity of backgrounds.  Staff members also recognize and value children’s friendships and try to preserve some of the close friendships that children have developed over the past year. Each child’s teacher has a deep understanding of the child’s identity as a learner and brings this information to our collaborative planning meetings.  This information, combined with data and observations from specialists and other staff members, informs the placement decisions. Names of teachers are assigned after balanced classes are achieved and finalized. It takes the spring and summer months, including many conversations, meetings, and drafts, to create well-balanced classes.  In the spring months, parents are invited to send a letter with additional information that will be helpful to teachers as they plan next year’s class lists.  Requests for specific teachers are not accepted.