What is the age requirement to enter Kindergarten?
To enter kindergarten in September, your child must reach his/her fifth birthday on or before August 31. This is an absolute cut-off date set by the Newton School Committee.

When does Kindergarten Registration and Screening take place?
Registration for kindergarten will be held in the late winter/early spring. Please bring your child’s birth certificate, proof of residency, record of immunization, list of illnesses, and information pertaining to the specific needs of your child.

What happens at the Registration and Screening Process?
At this time, your child will have the chance to spend time with some of the Kindergarten teachers so they can conduct a screening and learn more about your child. Parents will also have a chance to meet with a faculty member to share information about your child that is relevant to his/her learning experience.  [Note: The process may be modified given COVID restrictions.]

Will my child have the chance to visit Kindergarten before September?
Every June, incoming kindergarteners are invited to come to Peirce and spend time with their peers in the classrooms. This is a great way for them to familiarize themselves with the school, teachers, and get a feel for what Kindergarten is all about. [Note: The process may be modified given COVID restrictions.]

Are there other opportunities throughout the year for my child to meet other incoming Kindergarteners?
During the late summer, the Peirce PTO schedules a play date at the Peirce Playground and all incoming Kindergarteners are invited to participate, meet friends, and enjoy popsicles. Scheduling information will be sent via email during the summer.

How many Kindergarten classes does Peirce have?
The number of classes varies from year to year and is dependent on the enrollment numbers. Historically we have had 2 classes or 2.5 classes for Kindergarteners where one class is comprised of a K/1 split.

Are we able to submit friend and/or teacher requests?
During the Kindergarten orientation parents will have the chance to meet with a faculty member and share information about your child that is relevant to his/her learning experience. At this time you can share any friend requests. Peirce does its best to honor those requests when possible. Teacher requests are not permitted.

What time does school start and end each day?
Starting Fall 2021, the Front and Back Doors will open at 8:10 a.m. All children should be in their classrooms by 8:20 a.m., when the second bell rings. If your child arrives after 8:20 a.m., he/she must sign in at the office.  School ends at 2:50 p.m. on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday.  There is early release on Wednesdays at 12:20 p.m.

Where do I pick up my child?
Kindergarten students are dismissed at the front of the school. Teachers bring the students outside to meet parents/guardians. Please be sure that dismissal plans, including the names of adults who have permission to pick up your children, have been made clear to teachers. [Note:  This may change due to COVID guidelines.]

What is the schedule for lunch, snack, and recess?
Please send a snack and lunch with your child every day! Lunch is also available for purchase. Children will have recess each morning, so please send appropriate clothing for play.  [Note: School lunch was provided for free to all students during the 2020-21 school year.]