The Peirce PTO annual operating budget is funded solely by Peirce families primarily through an Annual Appeal and Mystery Dinner. The PTO budget contributes to the Peirce experience in the follow ways:

The reality is that, while the NPS allocates some funding for technology in schools, that funding is not sufficient to meet their own minimum recommended level of access to technology, especially in the elementary schools. Instead, the NPS relies on PTOs to bridge the gap, and even includes PTO funding as a line item in its technology budget. Our Operating Budget includes an allowance for technology funding, to cover the purchase of new devices and accessories, software and maintenance costs. Every few years, however, as devices become worn, outdated or even obsolete, wide-scale upgrade or replacement is required. The PTO works closely with the school to identify and project the technology needs for Peirce.

Peirce PTO and the City of Newton helps fund a variety of programs to enrich the students’ experience in the classroom and beyond. Programs include: Book Fair, Bulletin Board, Child Assault and Prevention Program (CAP), Color Day, Creative Arts & Sciences, Peirce Extended Day Program (PEDP), Monthly Principal Coffees, Community Impact, and Understanding our Differences.

The Peirce PTO funds and organizes a variety of events throughout the year to strengthen our community of parents and students. Some of our community building offerings (including the Back-to-School picnic, Family Dance, Movie Night, Mom’s Night Out, Dad’s Night Out, Safe Walks to School, and Incoming K/New Parents Welcome) are net expenses to the PTO and do not raise money for the school. The Mystery Dinner, however, is considered a hybrid event in that it is both a community builder and fundraiser. We rely heavily on this event to raise significant funds for Peirce and to support our annual operating budget.

The Peirce PTO supports the teachers and staff to accomplish their goals and enrich our children’s elementary school experience. As such, the PTO helps to fund and organize the following: Library purchases and gift program, Teacher and Principal discretionary funds, School Supplies Program, Teacher Appreciation, and Newton Serves.