Peirce FORJ

FORJ (Families Organizing for Racial Justice) is a city-wide racial justice organization with chapters at most of the city’s schools. The Peirce chapter, founded in 2017, is a group of parents and teachers whose goal is to promote cross-racial connection and racial justice within ourselves, our families, our communities (with a focus on the Peirce community), and the world at large. No prior knowledge or experience is necessary. We are all learners at different stages in our racial justice journeys. We educate ourselves and our children about racial history and current racial situations. We seek to be activists and allies. Peirce FORJ has committees that focus on three areas:

  1. Student Awareness
    • expands on what our children learn about race and diversity in the classroom
    • story times for kids around racial justice themes and inclusion
    • “kaleidoscope bags” (book and activity kits) for PEDP to help to broaden student access to diverse and anti-racist books and activities
  2. Parent Communication, Support & Advocacy
    • welcoming new families of color: Please reach out to Janelle Wells.
    • Information for parents about cultural holidays, heritage months & local event
    • learning opportunities through parent workshops and resources. Past topics include:
      • Talking about Race with Children: Why it Matters and How to Do It
      • Children’s Books & Race
    • opportunities for parents to connect, especially after racial events or incidents
    • advocates for policy changes at the district and city level
    • after-school care for children from Boston before Peirce community-wide evening activities (to avoid a long bus ride and commuting back out to Newton again)
    • with interest, will host racial affinity groups
  3. Multicultural Night 
    • plans our annual Multicultural Night celebration of family’s heritages and cultures
    • hosts the event - an educational and community-building evening filled with delicious food, colorful crafts, cultural dress, and fun-filled activities and entertainment.

Please view our Anti-Racism Actions and Resources guide for a comprehensive list of local resources and actions.

If you or your child have been the victim of discrimination, racialized teasing or other racial trauma within our community (whether the incident occurred with racist intent or not), we are here to support you in whatever ways you need. If you are looking for the Newton Public Schools’ Non-Discrimination protocol, you can find it here. Please also feel free to contact us to support you in reporting, advocacy and/or healing.

For more information, to get involved, or to request support, please contact Peirce’s FORJ coordinators Lauren Dale and Claudia Arno. We hope you will join us for various events and initiatives this year, or consider joining our team!

We also partner with other FORJ chapters to work on various citywide initiatives. To learn more about FORJ citywide, please check out