Community Impact Event:  Halloween Clean Up

Let’s celebrate the Peirce School value of “I take care of my community” by cleaning up candy wrappers in your neighborhood the day after Halloween.  We enjoy all that candy, now let’s make sure our community looks good too!  Equip your kids with tongs and paper bags to collect as many candy wrappers as they can after Halloween night – your family will be helping both your neighbors and the Earth!  Deliver the bag of wrappers and Halloween detritus to Peirce on November 1 or 2.  We will have collection cans at the front and back doors.  How many pounds of trash do you think our school community can collect?  We’ll let you know!  To sign up to help with the collection bins on November 1 or 2, please contact Devon Villarreal at [email protected] or Noreen at [email protected].