Frigid Friday Temperatures Information – Fri, 2/3

Dear NPS Families,

As you are aware, Newton is expecting frigid temperatures on Friday, February 3, 2023. Given the severity of the weather, our principals, school nurses, and transportation staff have put into place our standard operating procedures when such weather conditions occur. Below are details:

– Buses will be started early and heaters will be checked to ensure they are working on the front and back of the bus. 
– Yellow school bus transportation drivers have been advised to arrive at stops a few minutes earlier than usual and allow students to board immediately. 
– Drivers have also been advised to watch for any latecomers so that all are able to board the bus (within a reasonable timeframe.) 

School Building Operations
School nurses operate from a chart indicating when it is safe to have recess or any other activity outdoors. We fully expect that all recess and other activities will be inside on Friday.

Family Support
We encourage you to send your student to school in layers and to ensure as little skin as possible is exposed as students transition to and from the school building. Please view the graphic below for helpful details! Our staff is prepared to help students should they need assistance.

Thank you for your help in keeping our students safe and warm in these frigid temps. Here’s hoping for warmer weather by Sunday!


Kathleen Smith, Interim Superintendent