Hispanic & Latine Heritage Month Family Story Time – Sun, 10/3 @ 2:30p

Please join us on Sunday, October 3rd (outside at Peirce if the weather is good / on Zoom if it rains) for stories, discussion, art, and community! We will share children’s books and give children time to create visual responses. Through diverse stories, we seek to provide children who hold non-white identities with more cultural representation, and to provide ALL children with exposure to a broader variety of stories, histories, identities, and people. We also share resources to continue the discussion at home. 

Our first story time of the year will honor Hispanic & Latine Heritage Month. If you and your kids would like to attend the story time, please RSVP here

We are seeking additional story time planners, particularly if you or your children identify as Hispanic or Latino/a. If you can help by letting us know your favorite stories, reading at the event, or co-planning behind the scenes, please email the Peirce FORJ coordinators