NPS June Elementary Progress Reports – Available via Aspen

Dear Families,

June Elementary Progress Reports are now available from the Newton Public Schools through the Aspen Family Portal.  

In order to view, print or download a copy of your child’s June progress report, which includes narrative comments, please do the following:

– Log into Aspen Family portal – ( using your Aspen username and password. You can find the link on your school and the district’s home page.

– Once you have logged in, Elementary Progress Reports can be found under the “Published Reports”.

– Additional Information about the Elementary Progress reports, including descriptors can be found at the following link: (

– You can find previous year’s progress reports in Aspen by navigating to the Family tab at the top and then clicking on Documents on the right.

If you have trouble logging in or have other technical issues please email us at [email protected]. Please note to first use the “I forgot my password” (located on the Aspen Login page) if you don’t remember your login information.

Thank you

Newton Public Schools

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