Mindfulness Webinar for Parents on Feb 10 @ 8pm

Living Mindfully during these Pandemic Times: A Mindfulness Webinar for Parents (Interactive): Wednesday, February 10, 2021, 8pm.

RSVP here for this 1-hour Webinar sponsored by the PTO.  The interactive webinar will inspire parents to live mindfully during these unprecedented and difficult times. When we are feeling more stressed, pulled, contained in our homes and within our small social bubbles with our young children, we can do something to make living more peaceful, enjoyable and cultivate lifelong skills that support thriving during difficult times. This time is challenging but we also have the power to make these times a game changer for our family at any point during this pandemic by living more mindfully.  Living mindfully can be a powerful, transformative tool in our homes, in our classrooms and in our hearts. 

During this one hour zoom session you will experience:

  • A short meditation/grounding exercise
  • An introduction to a free meditation tool for the whole family
  • How to create a family intention
  • How to use a family intention in order to change the culture of the home
  • The power of goals vs. intentions
  • How to use the combination of tools to live mindfully

Lorin Beller (lorinbeller.com and changemakernation.com) has been a Life + Biz Strategist helping her clients Lead with Love both at Home and at Work the past 20 years.  Lorin is an author of 5 books.  She is a single parent to her 15-year-old daughter the past 10 years and she does her best to walk her talk when it comes to living and working mindfully.  Lorin will share her perspectives, tools and strategies, during this interactive online experience to inspire parents to create a home filled with love, peace and joy even during these challenging times.