Save the Date! Peirce FORJ 4th Annual Multicultural Night – Fri, 5/17 @ 5PM


THANK YOU so much for the overwhelming response to our last Multicultural Night! 

On Friday, May 17, Peirce FORJ will host our 4th annual Multicultural Night at 5:00PM for Peirce families to share, enjoy, and learn about each other’s culture in a wide variety of ways. 

Families are invited to host tables or activity spaces to introduce food, cultural items and/or activities from places where they have roots, have lived/visited or want to learn about. Go as big or as small as you want, there are no set requirements! We expect some presentations will be really low-key, and others will be events in themselves!! Anything goes – just be prepared to be flexible, share space, and have fun. 

Some ideas of things to share at a table: ethnic food, books, posters, pictures of the country/state, flag to hang, traditional clothing, presentation/ slideshow. If you’d like to run a hands-on activity in a larger space, your family could teach a game or sport, folk dance or song from your culture. Another idea is to create native arts and crafts projects together, or teach people how to write their names in a different alphabet. You are welcome to host solo or co-host with other Peirce families. This is a fun, family friendly event for all ages, so bring all your family members!!

Please share an aspect of your family’s culture with our community!! Please reach out to the event organizers Prachi Samudra, Claudia Arno and Catherine Saini by emailing [email protected] to sign-up.