The Neurodiversity Paradigm: Understanding Kids from the Inside Out and Creating More Inclusive and Equitable School Experiences for Everyone – Thurs, 6/2 from 8-9pm

Join the Newton SEPAC and parents of kids of all brain types for a presentation on the neurodiversity paradigm, changing the way we think about disability and differences, and creating more inclusive and equitable schools. For too long, ADHDers and autistic, dyslexic, dyspraxic and other neurodivergent kids have been defined by their “deficits” – which themselves are based on deviations from the majority – and taught to conform to neurotypical expectations in order to “overcome” their differences. Led by the neurodivergent community itself, the neurodiversity movement has emerged in recent years to offer a different approach: neurodivergent people may think, communicate, regulate, etc. in ways that are different from, but no less valid or “normal” than, those in the neurotypical majority. If understood and accommodated, neurodivergent people can thrive as their authentic selves.

Our presenters, both multiply-neurodivergent individuals themselves, will discuss how viewing the world through a neurodiversity lens and embracing the diversity of brain types can help us better understand and support neurodivergent individuals and build a more inclusive, equitable and vibrant society in the process that doesn’t come at the expense of the neurominority’s well-being. The presentation will offer specifics on how parents/caregivers can work with educators to create more accommodating, inclusive and supportive schools, and discuss the importance of talking to kids of all brain types about neurodiversity.  More information can be found here. This event is sponsored by the PTO’s of Franklin, Cabot, Peirce, and Countryside Elementary Schools.