Updated Arrival Plan or First Day – Message from Principal Vargas

Hello Peirce Families and Caregivers, 

Remember all that rain we wanted earlier in the summer? It’s finally arrived, and we’ll need to change our arrival plans for the first day of school. Please see the following updates:

Doors will open at 8:10.

Classroom teachers will remain in their rooms to greet students. All other staff will be on hand to help guide children to their classrooms. 

Students in 1st grade, 5th grade, and Mrs. Beaulieu’s 3rd grade class should enter through the main door on Temple Street. 

Students in 2nd grade, 4th grade, and Mrs. Anderson’s (Berneberg’s) 3rd grade class should enter Peirce from the back entrance. 

Siblings: Often siblings like to walk into school together. If different doors are assigned to your children, please have them enter through the door assigned to the younger sibling. 

Kindergarten families may enter with students through the side door on Temple street. Only kindergarten caregivers should be entering the building for drop-off this week. Next week, students should enter the school independently. 

Thank you for your flexibility. While the first day of school looks like a wet one, it will still be a great day as we welcome back all of our students! 

Best Regards, 

Andrea Vargas

Peirce Principal

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