Please donate to the 2020-21 Annual Appeal

Dear Peirce families –

We are writing to you today to ask for your support of the PTO’s 2020-21 Annual Appeal. This year, the fundraising Appeal – your generous response to this letter ­– will be the PTO’s primary source of revenue, as holding in-person fundraisers like the Mystery Dinner is impossible. By way of background, ticket sales from the PTO’s Mystery Dinner have typically funded approximately a third of the organization’s operating budget.

For the school year 2020-21, the Peirce PTO will spend $146 per student, $33,788 in total, on Creative Arts & Sciences programs (for DLA and hybrid students), technology purchases for the building, teacher and staff appreciation efforts, teacher support, community-building and enrichment initiatives, and other school support. If you have specific questions about the budget or would like more information, please visit the PTO’s website ( or contact us.

We opened the Annual Appeal in December – thank you to all of the families who contributed! – and raised $2,050 towards the goal. That leaves a gap of $31,738 to raise by March 31, 2021 to support this school year’s budget, which will ensure the long-term sustainability and financial health of the PTO. 

If your family can, please consider giving more to the fundraising Appeal this year to fill the gap. Newton’s public schools are excellent in part because of parent engagement and support of complementary and supplemental programs and initiatives funded through PTOs. Now is when we need to come together as a community to ensure the viability of the Peirce PTO for next year and many years to come. 

We understand there are many worthy causes that are in dire need, but any contribution is appreciated, and every child at Peirce benefits from the money raised. All donations are 100% tax-deductible.

Ways To Donate:

We sincerely hope this year is an aberration and we can safely return to our full calendar of in-person community events next school year. In the meantime, thank you all for your continued support of the PTO and our students!

Andrea Merin, PTO Fundraising Chair

Elsa Janairo, Karen Ghiron, and Kathryn Thorndike, PTO Tri-Presidents

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